Our Federal Criminal Defense Practice

Violations of Federal laws are prosecuted by the Unites States Attorney General’s Office by its’ advocates, Assistant U.S. Attorneys. The United States Code is enforced in District Courts throughout the Country, and locally in the Northern District of California with courthouses in San Jose, San Francisco and Oakland. Mr. McDougall has been accepted to practice law in all three locations and has substantial experience defending those charged with Federal offenses.

U.S. District Judges strictly follow the Federal Rules of Procedure and are required to comply with the Federal Sentencing Guidelines. The Federal Guidelines are often harsh and punitive for convicted offenders. An experienced attorney that can successfully secure Guideline departures and variances can save months in custody of a Federal prison. Access to statistics and past sentencing data is also critical in reducing sentences and reaching positive outcomes.

The Law Office of Jonathan D. McDougall can provide legal representation in the following examples of Federal charges:

  • Fraud
  • Embezzlement
  • Drug Trafficking
  • Child Pornography
  • Internet Crimes
  • White Collar Criminal Defense
  • Real Estate Fraud
  • Federal Perjury and False Statements